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Sattva Vardaan (सत्त्व वरदान)

In Sanskrit, the word Sattva means "light," "goodness" and "purity". It is one of the three gunas (virtus/attributes in Hindi and Samkhya philosophy.​

Vardaan, rooted from Hindi origins  means "blessings," "Lord Shiva.

Those who attend a Sattva Vardaan meditation, seek to invite and maintain balance of the self, mind and body through the three gunas. During this meditation, the attendee can connect himself on all subtle levels to his source of life. This connection allows for healing on many levels.

Sattva Vardaan has no religious connotations. It is simply a wonderful gift of unconditional love that manifests healing, harmony and abundance in our present, in our own lives and in everything around us.

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