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With Electrical Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy (EPMFT) , high frequency electrical waves are transmitted creating massage-like actions to our skin cells 70,000 times per second. This massaging action helps our skin recover its elasticity. 

The negative potential energy helps balance the cells and our pH which accelerates detoxification which helps our skin look and feel healthier.

This massaging action creates a form of warmth within the lower layers of our skin and collagen. This thermal effect is what helps the collagen to tighten, giving you a rejuvenated look!

With EPMFT, it increases the activity of connective tissues, increases nerve and cell regeneration, eliminates the small lives of expression and age spots as well as reduce stretch marks. 

EPMFT detoxifies the body and accelerates the process of fat burning. It reduces inflammation and pain, and helps in slimming due to the thermal effect.

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Electric Pulsed Magnetic Theraphy: About
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